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The SPARC family of compilers are hosted on any SPARC workstation or server running Solaris 2.x or higher.  The compilers are compatible with the SPARCworks development suite and use standard Mil-Std-1589C JOVIAL source modules, including compool files and include (copy) files. 

SPARC Hosted Target Code Generators

Target Processor Application Notes
IBM 360/370 Compatible with MVS/CMS/TSO and any mainframe development tools. Generates code compatible with the XA architecture.
Intel 80x86:
   16 Bit Compatible
   32 Bit Compatible


The Intel code generator produces object modules compatible with
bulletBorland "C/C++"
bulletWatcom "C/C++"
bulletMicrosoft "C/C++"
bulletIBM OS/2
bulletstandard UNIX COFF implementations.

The code generated can be linked and executed under DOS, Windows 95, 98, NT or 2000, OS/2 Warp and Unix System V (Linux, SCO).

Mil-Std 1750A 1750A is a standard embedded processor used on most US airframes.  This compiler is compatible with the SEA 1750A toolset and produces code optimized for memory usage and execution speed and is compatible with the SEA 1750A support tools.
MIPS R2000 and Greater


The MIPS code generator produces code compatible with 
bulletthe MIPS Pro development package
bulletthe IRIX operating system (SGI) 
bulletGreen Hills Multi development environment
bulletVxWorks/Tornado development system.  

The MIPS code generator produces DWARF record output and has been validated under the SGI/IRIX Version 6.x operating system.

Motorola 680x0 Compatible with the Motorola System V/M68 operating system
SPARC/Solaris Compatible with Solaris version 2.x and up using the SparcWorks version 3.x development package.  The SPARC code generator produces limited information compatible with the DBX debugger.
Power PC 601 and Greater


Compatible with:
bulletAny EABI compatible development suite/operating system
Zilog Z800x Generates code for the Z8001 and Z8002 processors with or without hardware floating point.  Compatible with the BSO support tool set (available separately).

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Last modified: 13 January 2023