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The IBM mainframe family of compilers are hosted on any IBM 360/370 or equivalent running the MVS/TSO/CMS operating system.  The compilers are compatible with partitioned datasets and can be run from SPF screens.  Additionally, the IBM target code generator produces, on option, code compatible with the XA (extended) architecture.   

IBM Mainframe Hosted Target Code Generators

Target Processor Application Notes
IBM 360/370 Compatible with MVS/CMS/TSO and any mainframe development tools. Generates code compatible with the XA architecture.
Mil-Std 1750A 1750A is a standard embedded processor used on most US airframes.  This compiler is compatible with the SEA 1750A toolset and produces code optimized for memory usage and execution speed and is compatible with the SEA 1750A support tools.

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Last modified: 13 January 2023